Housing and Community Action Programs

Mission Statement

Through its programs and partnerships, Housing and Community Action Programs, will promote economic security and well-being through empowering people with low income by alleviating immediate challenges and by addressing underlying causes through community action and advocacy.

Vision Statement

Housing and Community Action Programs will work towards ending poverty by collaborating with community organizations to maximize the opportunity for adequate, high-quality services designed to enable stability, economic security, and sustainability.



HEAT assistance is designed to help low income families and individuals with their heating bills. A person of low to moderate income may only apply once in a HEAT season (November through April) for this assistance. If eligible a one-time payment will be made to your utility provider(s). You may apply for this program no matter what type of heating you have (electric, gas, propane, oil, wood, and/or coal). You may also apply if the utilities are included in your rent, though some restrictions do apply.

For assistance in: Wayne County and Piute County, call 435-893-0744

Millard County and Juab County call 435-743-4060

Sevier County 435-893-0745

Sanpete County call 435-835-2831

The Weatherization Assistance Program helps low income individuals and families reduce energy costs and increase comfort and safety in their homes. This program helps reduce energy cost by repairing, replacing, or upgrading the things in your home that cost the most energy. Participating households average nearly 33% in savings after the completion of weatherization improvements.

For assistance in all R6 Regional Council areas call 435-893-0721.

The Housing and Community Action Programs Department has several programs to help with home repairs.

For assistance in all R6 Regional Council areas call 435-893-0721.

The Mutual Self-Help Housing Program is a USDA/Rural Development program administered by R6 Regional Council that makes housing affordable through “sweat equity”. Families work together as a group under the guidance of a construction supervisor to help build their home. This labor acts as the down payment and reduces the purchase price of the home.

For more information on this program call 435-893-0739.

CROWN: Rent to Own Homes
CROWN enables qualified people to lease a home at a very affordable rent while earning financial credit towards the possible purchase of that same home. CROWN was developed by the Utah Housing Corporation to address the housing concerns of rural and metropolitan communities in a way that would involve the local community and the private sector and would foster desirable stable living situations. The CROWN name is derived from the phrase “Credits to OWN”.

Fifteen years after a CROWN Home is initially occupied it may be sold to a qualified buyer. The sale price of a CROWN Home will be determined by the remaining principal and interest owed on the property, taxes and other property and project costs incurred by the Owner. This price may be less than the market value of the home at the time it is sold. The difference between this sale price and the market value is the equity you may be eligible to receive if you are occupying the home at the time it is offered for sale and you purchase it. This potential equity is a benefit you may receive as a CROWN participant which you would not expect to receive through a standard rental arrangement.

We currently have homes in Monroe, Ephraim, Moroni, Nephi, Fillmore, and Delta.

For available homes, please call 435-893-0739.

The Housing and Community Action Programs Department offers several crisis programs. Things that assistance may be available for are:

  • Eviction Notices
  • Car Repair
  • Utility Shut off
  • Deposit for moving into a home
  • No heat. Furnace not working

Assistance is dependent on funding and is determined on a case by case basis. Some restrictions apply.

Please call for availability and to schedule an appointment.

No heat in Juab, Millard, Sevier, Wayne, Piute and Sanpete County call: 435-893-0721

For all other crisis’ call:

Juab and Millard Counties: 435-743-4060

Sevier, Wayne, and Piute Counties: 435-893-0745

Sanpete County: 435-835-2831