CDBG: Community Development Block Grant

Helping communities fund housing, public facilities, infrastructure, and community development projects.

The Six County CDBG Program allocates HUD sponsored federal funds to aid communities with housing and community development projects.

As directed by the SCAOG Executive Board and program guidelines, regional planners prepare the Region’s consolidated plan; community infrastructure lists, CIB priority project lists, and provides technical assistance in developing land-use ordinances. Regional Planners also prepare and maintain statistical data along with area demographics.

Planners provide technical assistance for CDBG project applications, serve as regional Census affiliates, develop community base maps, provide technical assistance for county land use planning and development of land use plans, public land resource plan revisions, staffing for the “Natural Resource Committee,” regional transportation planning and hazard mitigation.

As new programs and/or initiatives are developed by state and federal agencies, the SCAOG is often asked to provide regional administration.

Community Development staff includes Tyler Timmons, CDBG Manager/Regional Planner, and Zach Leavitt Regional Planner.